Welcome to the first in a series of our regular monthly updates.

For the month of December we will cover listing, marketing and PR and roadmap for Q1 2021.

Listing on centralised exchanges

Our goal is to make KTLYO token as accessible as possible and to provide alternatives to Uniswap especially considering high gas prices.

On December 23rd KTLYO was successfuly listed on the BigOne exchange. We have provided basic liquidity in the amount of 275.000 KTLYO tokens and we’ll monitor activities and provide additional liquidity if required.

We not stop on this and the plan is to list on more exchanges during the…

Welcome to the second in a series of our regular monthly updates.

The month of January 2021 was very dynamic and we were aiming to execute on several fronts like exchange listing, marketing and promotion, partnerships and product

Exchange listing

We are a huge proponent of decentralization; however, currently the extremely high fees on Ethereum make it very hard to trade. This is especially true with small amounts, so centralized exchanges can help in making $KTLYO more accessible.

So, after the initial listing on BigOne in December 2020, we were looking to list on additional centralized exchanges. …

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The Pre-Sale of KTLYO tokens will take place this Sunday (the 6th of December) at 16:00 UTC on Bounce platform.

Be aware! There were no private or seed sales. Protect your funds. There is no ongoing sale. Everyone who claims to sell KTLYO at the moment is a scammer.

General details

Date: 6.12.2020
Time: 16:00 UTC
Place: Bounce (The link will be published on the 6th of December at 16:00 UTC in our Telegram announcement channel and Twitter. …

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Thanks to our community for the amazing support. Our Telegram channel has grown tremendously over the last few days, and we reached more than 1000 active community members. Finally, we’re glad to share the tokenomics of $KTLYO token with our beloved community.

General information:

Name of the token: KTLYO
Contract: 0x24E3794605C84E580EEA4972738D633E8a7127c8
Total supply: 85 000 000 KTLYO

Token allocation

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The goal of the Katalyo NFT solution is to capture value and „bottle“ it. There are two main component of Katalyo NFT solution:

  1. Automatic NFT generation for certain capabilities of the system
  2. By building on Katalyo certain features can be captured in an NFT and provided as a service on the Katalyo marketplace.

The defined service and/or algorithm will be stored in an NFT to be executed in a smart contract or other components of Katalyo platform.

NFT will ensure true ownership and empower people to explicitly and directly monetize their knowledge and skill. …

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At Katalyo, we firmly believe that cross-chain integration is critical for blockchain and DeFi to reach it’s full potential. For that reason, we’re building Katalyo to have cross-chain capabilities from the ground up.

There are several reasons why we decided to have this strategy:

Firstly we want to extract additional value by combining services and resources of different chains into a single pool of value.

Secondly, we want our users and customers to have choice and use the chain of choice or to have access to a variety of services not available on a single chain.

How will crosschain capability playout in practice?

For example, a DeFi lending solution can take collaterals from many different chains.

Another aspect…

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The Engine

Katalyo is running on a proprietary No-Code engine where new functionality is built using easy-to-use, point&click, drag&drop based visual tools.

Katalyo is built with integration in mind from the ground up and API is a first class citizen in Katalyo ecosystem. The project’s backend services are exposed via REST API. Each service/task built on Katalyo has an API end-point out-of-the-box enabling existing processes and systems to integrate with Katalyo platform with ease.


Katalyo Node is fully functional instance of the Katalyo platform, and nodes are used to build the decentralized Katalyo network. …

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Hybrid applications

We firmly believe that blockchain will disrupt many industries in the future, however, we also believe that for many cases blockchain is not the best or even desired solution. This is why Katalyo is designed for building hybrid applications that have both off-chain (centralised) and on-chain (decentralised) features.

From service desk tools to real estate tokenization solutions, there are virtually no limits to what can be built using Katalyo. Katalyo DeFi will offer no-code solutions for

  • Staking products
  • Synthetic Asset Issuance
  • Decentralised insurance products
  • Crowdfunding platforms

Internal liquidity lending

As far as Katalyo offers users developing a variety of applications and one of…

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No-code is revolutionising the way people and organisations build and deploy applications. In addition to this, technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT are introducing new paradigms and creating new business models.

Katalyo was founded on the premise that everyone should have access to the new technologies, paradigms and business models even if they don’t have the necessary programming skills and other resources.

Katalyo’s vision is to build a comprehensive no-code ecosystem that empowers people and organisations with access to bleeding edge technology and to build web 3.0 applications without writing a single line of code.


Our mission is to continuously learn…


Katalyo is a no-code digital transformation platform for building hybrid (d)apps

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