Katalyo & Bonfi join forces to spur DeFi innovation with no-code and AI

3 min readMar 18, 2021
When no-code meets AI…Innovation is inevitable!

We’re ecstatic to announce that Katalyo and Bonfi formed a strategic partnership with the goal to further advance innovation in the blockchain and DeFi space. A unique combination of capabilities that each side brings to the table has the potential to disrupt the blockchain and DeFi space in particular.

How it all came together

With a little help from our friends amazing things will happen. Katalyo and Bonfi became aware of each other existence when we both joined the NULS SCO program on POCM (Proof Of Credit Mining) platform. It was not long before Bonfi and Katalyo became the leading projects on the POCM platform.

We started a conversation and immediately realised we share the same values on various topics like importance of decentralisation, financial inclusion or better said inclusion across the board. In the end we share the same passion for building innovative products.

We also realised that the fit is not only on a strategic level but also technology wise. Simply put, the potential for synergies is enourmous and we plan to reliase every bit of it.

So thank you NULS for bringing us together!

What is this partnership about

Katalyo and Bonfi will work together on many different fronts but we will emphasize three most impactful areas:

  1. Staking

We’re going to launch a joint staking program. By staking BNF or KTLYO token holders will earn both KTYLO and BNF.

Why did we go this route?

The answer is very simple. We want to build bridges and not walls. With a joint staking program we’re bringing both ecosystems and communities together in a win-win scenario.

Stay tuned as we’ll be coming soon with the details of the staking program.

2. DeFi products and integration

Katalyo and Bonfi will work together on design and development of innovative DeFi products that will deliver value to our users in a way that none of us could accomplish on our own.

Through integration of the two platforms we’ll be able to deliver new products at a breakneck speed and harness innovation in the blockchain and DeFi space.

3. NFTs

We also share the same views on the potential of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The joint effort on research and development will firstly be aimed to understand different ways how NFTs can be integrated and used in DeFi and blockchain solutions in general.

About Bonfi

BonFi is a multilayered open finance liquidity mining service platform complemented by the AI-powered BonVest, a professional cryptocurrency liquidity mining solution. It expands the DeFi financial product offering by combining smart contract staking and a managed cryptocurrency liquidity pool to achieve sustainable benefits for users.

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About Katalyo

Katalyo is a no-code cross-chain platform for building hybrid blockchain powered applications. With Katalyo individuals and organisations can build blockchain powered applications without writing a single line of code. On top of no-code features for building web based frontend, by using Katalyo platform, people can create tokens and NFTs, build DeFi applications, integrate smart contracts in any part of the workflow.

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Katalyo is a no-code digital transformation platform for building hybrid (d)apps