Monthly update — December 2020

5 min readDec 27, 2020


Welcome to the first in a series of our regular monthly updates.

For the month of December we will cover listing, marketing and PR and roadmap for Q1 2021.

Listing on centralised exchanges

Our goal is to make KTLYO token as accessible as possible and to provide alternatives to Uniswap especially considering high gas prices.

On December 23rd KTLYO was successfuly listed on the BigOne exchange. We have provided basic liquidity in the amount of 275.000 KTLYO tokens and we’ll monitor activities and provide additional liquidity if required.

We not stop on this and the plan is to list on more exchanges during the course of Q1 2021.

All news related to new listings will be announced on our communication channels accordingly.

Marketing and PR activities

Together with our partner INBlockchain we have devised a marketing plan for the Asian market with focus on China and South Korea. The plan consists of 2 major parts:

(i) Marketing on BigOne exchange

In order to raise awareness of Katalyo during the month of January 2021 we’ll organize a trading competition which will attract new people to join us on our adventure

(ii) General marketing activities

During the month of January 2021 we’ll launch a series of marketing and PR activities focusing on Asian market:

  • Announcement on Main Screen China’s Top Blockchain Media Breaking News.


ChainNews is a blockchain media company that uses first-line interviews and a data mining-based recommendation engine. ChainNews analyzes in-depth events that have an impact on blockchain technology and assets, and reveals the ins and outs of events. The authoritative report, data mining and analysis report of international vision has become a must-read financial technology information website for senior managers of blockchain, creating a leading blockchain media brand in the industry.

b. 白话区块链,

The HelloBTC is the leading media for popular science in the blockchain industry, providing knowledge from entry-level to professional-level knowledge. HelloBTC is building a popular blockchain science community, providing easy-to-understand blockchain learning tutorials and blockchain technology application information, and helping users enter the world of blockchain in a scientific way.

c.币乎, is a well-known digital currency social community in China. The community has a blockchain-based identity system based on web3.0 technology. The identity system can protect user property, data and privacy, and guard the digital freedom of each individual, To define the basic digital rights of individuals in the web3.0 environment.

d. 币快报.

Beekuaibao is a blockchain media community platform based in the Asia-Pacific and facing global users. It is also one of the fastest-growing blockchain media platforms in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently, there are 1.2 million registered users of the Beekuaibao app, covering nearly 5 million blockchain users.

  • Promotion on (Korea’s the biggest Website).
  • Promotion-related articles and messages of Katalyo will be released in the BigONE Global social media accounts
  • Publishing news letters for the local media of China

We’re also exploring other marketing and PR options but we’re taking a step by step approach here. Our goal is to run the campaigns, evaluate and measure to understand what delivers the best results. Once we get a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t we’ll scale up the activities that work best.

We would also like to appologize to less patient members of our community for putting out this post a few weeks later than expected however the execution of marketing activities depended greatly on the listing on BigOne and in the end we decided not to start marketing before the listing is completed to minimise any operational issues we could potentially have with listing. Now that the listing is completed we’ll put our plan into action as fast as possible.

Roadmap for Q1 2021

For Q1 2021 our focus will be split between building the platform and building awareness of Katalyo via PR and marketing activities.

After thourough analysis we have prioritiesed 3 main features we aim to deliver during Q1 2021:

  • Real estate tokenisation

Asset tokenisation is a major part of Katalyo platform. During Q1 2021 we will release phase 1 of the project covering portfolio overview, pre-signups and signups and investment management

  • Token management (Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens)

Token economics are the life-blood of blockhain economies. Definition and deployment of tokens (both fungible and non fungible) is one the most important features of the platform.

For Q1 the plan is to develop token management capabilities:

a. Creation of ERC-20 tokens with staking capability

b. Creation of NFTs based on ERC-721/ERC-1155 standards using Katalyo’s dataset managament functionality

  • Dataset and file immutability

Katalyo provides capabilities for making data and documents immutable and verifiableDuring Q1 2021 the plan is to release features related to storing and verification of arbitrary datasets and documents. This will enable creation of custom workflows that will support data and document immutability.

We work in an agile way which means we’ll continuosly release features as we build them. As everyone working in software development knows setting deadlines is one of the most difficult things so we will not commit to any specific deadlines just yet however we’re confident that first releases will start comming during the month of February 2021.

Communication strategy

Going forward our goal is to keep our community updated on all developments and activities.

We will have regular progress updates like this one on a monthly basis. Of course in case we have some important news we’ll share with our community as soon as possible.

We would like to point that we’re not a typical project where one just simply forks an existing project, changes a few lines of code and that’s it.

Katalyo is an extremelly ambitious project and it’ll take years to build and realise our vision of building the leading no-code blockchain ecosystem. The value we’ll create on a fundamental level will drive all other aspects of the project.

In the end we wish each an everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The year 2020. presented many challenges that go above and beyond the usual challenges we have faced before. Hopefully 2021. will be the year we can put all this behind us and go back to normal.

Be safe, stay healthy and together with you we are certain we can make 2021. a year to remember.




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