Dual yield staking beta

Beta testing structure and timeline

The community members that wish to participate must register using this registration link. Ten community members will be selected to participate and each will be rewarded $100 in total (50% in KTLYO and 50% in BNF) for their efforts.

  • ETH address on the Ropsten testnet
  • An amount of ETH for gas fees (ETH can be obtained from the faucet https://faucet.ropsten.be)
  • Friday, 21 May: Signup via the registration form. Use this link to sign up.
  • Monday, 24 May: The selected participants will receive the neeeded instructions to execute the testing.
  • Tuesday, 25 May: Start of KTLYO-BNF Dual Yield Staking testing on Ropsten Testnet.
  • First week of June: Go-live of KTLYO-BNF Dual Yield Staking.

About Katalyo

Katalyo is a no-code cross-chain platform for building hybrid blockchain powered applications. With Katalyo individuals and organisations can build blockchain powered applications without writing a single line of code. On top of no-code features for building web based frontend, by using Katalyo platform, people can create tokens and NFTs, build DeFi applications, integrate smart contracts in any part of the workflow.




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Katalyo is a no-code digital transformation platform for building hybrid (d)apps