Technology and the role of the token in Katalyo ecosystem


The Engine

Katalyo is built with integration in mind from the ground up and API is a first class citizen in Katalyo ecosystem. The project’s backend services are exposed via REST API. Each service/task built on Katalyo has an API end-point out-of-the-box enabling existing processes and systems to integrate with Katalyo platform with ease.


Katalyo Node architecture enables out-of-the box scalability.

Role of the token

One of the key features of KTLYO is a unique ability to use many chains

As a part of our crosschain strategy our aim is to build into Katalyo token the capability to seamlessly cross boundaries of a single chain. This is accomplished with Katalyo bridges and on-chain smart contracts that enable cross chain communication while keeping the total supply the same across all supported chains.

The token is used to consume the services in the Katalyo ecosystem including creation of the NFTs. Katalyo token is also used to mint the NFTs which locks Katalyo tokens inside the NFT taking it out of circulation and decreasing the supply.

Useful links

Katalyo is a no-code digital transformation platform for building hybrid (d)apps

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