NFT and Markteplace

2 min readDec 1, 2020


The goal of the Katalyo NFT solution is to capture value and „bottle“ it. There are two main component of Katalyo NFT solution:

  1. Automatic NFT generation for certain capabilities of the system
  2. By building on Katalyo certain features can be captured in an NFT and provided as a service on the Katalyo marketplace.

The defined service and/or algorithm will be stored in an NFT to be executed in a smart contract or other components of Katalyo platform.

NFT will ensure true ownership and empower people to explicitly and directly monetize their knowledge and skill. In addition as any other token NFT can be sold and the new owner can utilise and monetise its capabilities.

Definition and creation of custom NFTs

Katalyo platform will provide the functionality to mint and issue a custom NFT. Any piece of data that can be created on the Katalyo platform can be minted into an NFT. This will empower people and organisations to create a fully custom NFT that can be utilised anywhere within their value chain.

As a standard tokens the NFTs will have the crosschain capabilities as well making their value even greater.

Katalyo will provide a set of features to build a fully decentralised marketplace and unleash the creativity like never before.

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