Monthly update — January 2021

3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Welcome to the second in a series of our regular monthly updates.

The month of January 2021 was very dynamic and we were aiming to execute on several fronts like exchange listing, marketing and promotion, partnerships and product

Exchange listing

We are a huge proponent of decentralization; however, currently the extremely high fees on Ethereum make it very hard to trade. This is especially true with small amounts, so centralized exchanges can help in making $KTLYO more accessible.

So, after the initial listing on BigOne in December 2020, we were looking to list on additional centralized exchanges. We decided to list on the Tier2 Estonian Exchange WhiteBIT (

On January 21, 2021, $KTLYO was successfully listed on WhiteBIT with a trading pair KTLYO/BTC.

Next, we are looking for a listing on a Tier1 exchange that will give an additional boost to the project and bring it to a wider audience. We hope to find this exchange ASAP with the latest being at the end of Q1 2021.

Marketing and promotion

Throughout January, we wanted to put marketing activities into action by directing our focus on the Asian market, primarily China and South Korea. The main marketing activity has been centered around the trading competition on the BigOne exchange.

We wanted to start the competition in the second half of January, but due to circumstances out of our control (upgrade of the exchange), the trading competition was moved to the first week of February. It was marketed on the exchange, as well as in various WeChat groups. The trading competition has been accompanied by a series of articles published by these Asian media websites:

Additionally, we plan to build more awareness about Katalyo by conducting AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with different blockchain and crypto communities.

We already had two AMA sessions in January with Whale Blockchain Enthusiast and Vietnam Blockchain Community. We believe these AMA sessions are a good way of bringing more attention to the project and going forward, we plan to have AMA sessions on a regular basis.

Marketing and promotion will increase as we start with product releases, which will provide much stronger foundations and help us build a strong and trustworthy brand.


We are always on the lookout for projects and companies to partner with on a common mission of making blockchain technology more accessible. Currently, we are negotiating with several potential partners that we feel will help Katalyo to realize its vision of becoming a cross-chain no-code ecosystem of choice.

Our main focus at this stage is to partner with Layer-1 infrastructure projects that will empower our cross-chain strategy.

Even though the partnership was officially concluded in February, by the time this article is published — the partnership with NULS ( will already be put into action. More details on the partnership will be available during February.


Most of our focus is to put the initial version of the product out as soon as possible.

As already mentioned, we will be incrementally launching features continuously which are fully aligned with the component-based architecture of the Katalyo platform.

As a part of our private beta program, we are looking for innovative ideas to implement. We count on our community to actively participate by providing us with feedback. It will help us build and deliver the best product possible. We already have a couple of interesting proposals and we are looking forward to making them a reality.

In the end, as always, be safe and stay healthy. We will be back soon with more news.




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