Estonia welcomes Katalyo

1 min readMar 27, 2021


Welcome to Estonia

We’re happy to announce that Katalyo is expanding it’s reach by opening an office in Estonia.

The entity Katalyo Global OÜ has been successfully registered in Estonia.

There are several reasons why we have decided to expand to Estonia.

Estonia has the most transparent and blockchain friendly regulation in the European Union.

Even though the existing business model right now does not require us to hold a licence (neither as a wallet provider nor as an exchange) we’re much better positioned to obtain these licences if needed in the future.

As a consequence Estonia has a much stronger blockchain and crypto ecosystem that will enable Katalyo to grow at a much faster pace with more clarity. Additionaly we should be much better positioned to engage with other projects to collaborate and form partnerships.

Going forward Katalyo Global OU will be the legal entity responsible for the overall development of the Katalyo platform.

The Croatian entity remains as a tech hub and development center.

We’re certain that this new setup will help Katalyo to realise it’s vision to become a leading ecosystem that fosters blockchain innovation.




Katalyo is a no-code digital transformation platform for building hybrid (d)apps